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Zoom is the webinar platform that will be used CWMA web events and when CWMA Assists Members with their events. You can video chat using Zoom on your mobile device or computer. We will be making this page a handy FAQ for all of our members. Learn more about Zoom:

How to use Zoom on your computer or mobile device


  • Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App. Your first invitation will allow you to download and register this program with your name.
  • A head set with a mic can be helpful, especially if you are in a room where there may be noise behind you.
  • The program is built to  avoid “echo” so you can use your laptop/mobile built-in speaker and mic. However, if you do get some echo, switching to a headset works best.

How to download Zoom

You do not necessarily need to download a Zoom client (that is, a version you download to your device and install) as a participant; the web version of Zoom will allow you to participate but some features are only available with a Zoom client. 

Click on the link below for instructions about how to install Zoom on your specific device: 

On Windows 
On Mac 
On Linux
On Android devices
On iPhones

If you are using Zoom on your phone, follow these steps:

Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap Meeting.

Inside the Zoom meeting

Upon entering the Zoom Meeting, please make sure your mic is muted. Later in the session you may unmute your mic when appropriate (for example, in a breakout session), but to prevent disruptions to the presenters we ask that all attendees stay muted unless otherwise invited to speak by the Zoom moderator or presenter. You may participate in a Zoom Meeting in a few different ways:

Breakout Sessions: If the meeting you’re in has a breakout session, you may be transferred to a separate breakout room automatically. Otherwise, a pop-up will appear inviting you to join the breakout session. Click on the “Accept” button and Zoom will transfer you to the room. After you conclude the activities in the breakout room, click on the blue “Leave Room” button in the lower right corner of the screen. This will transport you back to the main room where everyone will come together. 

Chat: In a Zoom Meeting, you are able to message everyone in the chat, or message one person specifically. To send a message to one person, first open the chat by clicking on the icon in the bottom center of the screen. The chat message default setting sets the recipient to “Everyone”, but you can change this by selecting the drop-down arrow next to the word “Everyone” and selecting the name of the person you want to contact. Keep in mind that all messages sent via the chat, regardless of whether the recipient is a specific person or the whole group, will be recorded and sent to the meeting host. 

Reactions: The reactions icon can be found at the bottom center of the screen. The two reactions available are a thumbs-up and a pair of hands clapping. Using a reaction will post that icon in the corner of your audio feed, which will disappear automatically after a few seconds. Using these reactions can be a useful way to express appreciation without being disruptive and can also be used to give a round of applause at the end of a presentation.

Participant Menu: In a Zoom meeting you may communicate with the presenter via the Participant Menu. Click “Participants” to open the menu. From there you will find buttons to raise your hand, answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question, as well as other options.

Do I need to use video?

  • For some events, we will use computer/smartphone Video and Audio, but you can always opt out of video and just use the audio to join the conversation. Your name will appear in place of your face or you can load your favourite headshot to be what everyone views. 
  • When you use video, it is always good to ensure your camera is pointed in a way that allows people to see you well without a lot of stuff in the background. 
  • Ensure the webcam is angled properly to capture you and the lighting is appropriate so the image is bright and sharp (avoid back lighting, such as a window).
  • Elevate your computer or laptop (mine is up on boxes) it will help you avoid the dreaded double chin or a forehead-only image.

How does my Zoom room work?

While the platform is fairly easy to use, its basic functions are organized slightly differently depending on if you use the desktop or mobile version, so you may need to play a little to learn how to make your specific sound and set it up perfect for you. 

—->If you are not technical at all, please login early so your host can help you!

Once you have your video and/or audio as you prefer, it is the host’s job to ensure the presentation is viewable but depending on how you set up your zoom room,  you will see the presentation or you can adjust to see the chat room, other attendees, and more; the options are yours to manage.

Rest assured though, the host will also ensure you are seeing and hearing the presentation and will help you navigate the forum if there will be break out rooms, side chats, or polling.

Handy Notes

  • The waiting room is just a holding area once you have logged on. It is used as a security protocol. The host will let you in to the Main Room.
  • Please ensure you use your First Name,  Last Name  Example: Sheila Molloy 
    this way we can recognize and verify who is registered.
  • Attendees are asked to mute, turn off video and use the CHAT box for questions and comments
  • Please shut off your AUDIO (if you are not speaking).


Frame yourself wisely
The farther away or more obscured you appear, the less engaging you will be. Your head and the top of your shoulders should be middle screen and straight on. If your head is cut off at the top or bottom, you’re too close. If your entire torso is in view, you’re too far away. Adjust the camera to be straight on (you may need to elevate it) and take a moment to look behind you — everything behind you will be in the frame. No bright lights behind you please.
Hardwire if you can
Live streaming requires prioritized bandwidth. For this reason, we recommend plugging your computer directly into the router or modem with an ethernet cable. This will ensure a robust connection for your video. If you need to rely on WIFI — consider restarting your modem and router the day before the session and kick all other family members off the WIFI network at presentation time. This will help to ensure a clean connection.
Make sure any unnecessary applications are closed 
Pretty simple. The wooooonky sound you hear when a wifi connection is fluttering can often be fixed by ensuring you close and exit out of other programs. 
Quiet and distraction free
Please be in a distraction-free area… puppies barking, kids yelling, spouses yelling, staff interruptions… oh the myriad of things we seen during meetings.

Your Personal Zoom Set Up — Desktop/Laptop

The best way to engage with others overall is to ensure you click to add the PARTICIPANTS list and CHAT box to your main views.