Regional District Data

CWMA Information Clearinghouse

Part of our mandate is to share technical expertise and knowledge in regard to waste management through the promotion of greater cooperation and harmonization of waste management activities. The aim of this database is to enable members to meet their needs and be more efficient and effective by combining resources that are readily available into one reference point. It is a cooperative project based on input from CWMA member regional districts and we wish to acknowledge and thank regional districts for sharing information to make this clearinghouse possible.

The information clearinghouse has been created as a first point of reference to assist waste and recycling professionals in conducting their jobs, both in terms of assisting in their own research needs, and also to help reduce the amount of direct inquiries and requests they receive for information.

The information contained within this clearinghouse will be updated each spring and fall.

This fully public approach to accessing the database ensures that members and non-members alike can benefit by locating the information they need in one easy to find online location.

Although the information is intended to be comprehensive, it should not be considered a complete compendium of all available information. The Coast Waste Management Association does not warrant the information contained within and users are encouraged to verify with the original source before using.

If you notice any errors or omissions, or have any suggestions as to how we can improve on this resource, please contact the CWMA office using the contact information provided below.


CWMA Board of Directors
T. 250 733-2213
F. 250 733-2214