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Industry Information & Data

CWMA Data & Information Library (the Clearinghouse)


Updates will be made in June 2021. If you have any ideas for additional information or data that you would like to see, please contact

Part of the CWMA mandate is to share statistical data, technical expertise, and to centralize some of the current information from our members regarding coastal waste management.

The Library is being re-built to enable our members, and the greater industry, to access information that will allow them to combine resources, inspire cooperative projects, and become the first point of reference to assist waste and recycling professionals with their own research.

Although the information is intended to be comprehensive, it should not be considered a complete compendium of all available information. The Coast Waste Management Association does not warrant the information contained within and users are encouraged to verify with the original source before using.

If you notice any errors or omissions, or have any suggestions as to how we can improve on this resource, please contact the CWMA office using the contact information provided below.