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Three-Day Conference Program + Bonus Virtual Events

2022 Conference Program is currently in development! Ongoing updates in the coming weeks… 

Check out the 2021 program for an idea of what our conference offers. 

For 25 years, the Coast Waste Management Association’s annual conference has brought the BC solid waste industry together for unsurpassed opportunities to network, discuss pressing challenges, learn current innovations, and share our successes.

Virtual Hall Opens October 11 for Bonus Events

We will open our Virtual Hall on October 11, 2022 to all registered delegates to ensure they have a chance to update their networking profiles, familiarize themselves with the virtual application, and enjoy some relevant Bonus Events and On-Demand (pre-recorded) content.  

Base Schedule to plan your trip

This schedule is not the final but it is really close and the Wednesday schedule may only adjust slightly. The schedule is updated regularly with panel themes, speakers, and more! Stay tuned in.  

Schedule at a glance June 22