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2.5 days of great sharing 

For 25 years, the Coast Waste Management Association’s annual conference has brought the British Columbia solid waste industry together for unsurpassed opportunities to network, discuss pressing challenges, learn current innovations, and share our successes.

Meet our speakers

58 speaker / panelists /moderators that will provide the discussion and perspectives about subjects that are important to the industry. Learn more about all of our fabulous SPEAKERS, PANELISTS & MODERATORS

Virtual Hall is open!

We open our Virtual Hall early to all registered delegates to ensure they have a chance to update their networking profiles, familiarize themselves with the virtual application, and enjoy some relevant Bonus Events and On-Demand (pre-recorded) content. 

Pre-Conference BONUS EVENTS are included in registration!

October 13, 2022

11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Provincial Perspectives: Updates

With Lyndsay Poaps, Recycling Council of British Columbia | Christina Seidel, Recycling Council of Alberta | Joanne FedykSaskatchewan Waste Reduction Council | Jo-Anne St. Godard, Recycling Council of Ontario/Circular Innovation Council | Alanna McPhee, Divert Nova Scotia

Moderator: Alda NicmansBC Product Stewardship Council

Back again by popular demand! Come learn about what’s happening across the country.

October 17, 2022

9:00 – 9:45 am

Marquee Speaker! A Plastics and Marine Litter Update with Environment and Climate Change Canada

With Ryan Parmenter, Director – Plastics and Marine Litter Environment and Climate Change Canada

Moderator: Sheila Molloy, CWMA

Look forward to an update from ECCC Plastics and Marine Litter division with time for Q&A.

October 18, 2022

10:00 am – Noon

Inspiring Repair, Reuse, and Reduction Programs

With Owen Miller-White, A&W Canada | Leanne Koehn, Ridge Meadows Recycling Society | Ashley Howe, SUPPLY Victoria | Fay Weller, Gabriola Island-based C2C Threads.

Moderator: Sue Maxwell, Ecoinspire

Meet four organizations whose business models and strategies are guided by reducing environmental impacts and inspiring others to do the same in their everyday actions. Each is undaunted in taking on the challenge of innovating, testing, and fine-tuning their operational processes toward success. 

WEDNESDAY October 26, 2022

Wednesday is Action-Packed and different than previous years!

Wednesday is focused on in-person events to build more networking and discussion opportunities including popular roundtables, tours and now panel discussions that focus on specific topics. The format gives everyone more time to dive deep and explore ideas together.  Sign-ups for all of these events are sent to registered in-person delegates in early October.  All sessions and tours are included in registration but require pre-sign up.

For delegates who have never been to CWMA Conference: Wednesday is designed for smaller group meetings to discuss specific topics and share. There is no place to “hang out” for the day (although we would love for you to drop by and grab your name tag!), instead, the expectation is for you to sign up for the events you want to attend…

7:30 am

Exhibition / Light Breakfast for those attending events
Main Hall In-Person

Light morning snacks,coffee and tea will be available for those attending the morning sessions. Many in-person Exhibitors will be there setting up or ready to meet you!

8:00-9:15 am
In-person only

Emergency & Disaster Planning for SWM            Panel Speakers & Roundtable discussion. | Room: Arbutus A/B (in-person only)

With David Hewson Emergency Management BC | 

Jordan Best, Recycle BC | Cameron Baughen, Baughen Consulting 

Moderator: Andrea Panich, Capital Regional District


Exploring outcomes from recent emergencies with a focus on lessons learned and resources available when preparing for waste management in emergency and disaster situations.

8:00-9:15 am

Virtual in the Virtual Hall 
& View-Together in person
in Arbutus C/D

Contemplating Compostables                                Panel and open discussion | EventMobi Virtual Hall & viewing in Arbutus C/D

With Lyn Mayes, The Packaging Forum NZ Belinda Li, Food Systems Lab | Sean Kawakami, Convertus Group

Moderator: Tamara Shulman, Tamara Shulman & Associates


Keeping packaging out of the landfill…could compostables be the solution?

9:30-11:00 am

In-person only

Electric Fleets                                                            Panel Speakers & open discussion. | Room: Arbutus A/B (in-person only)

With Steven Wiebe, Innotech Fleet Strategies | Jamie Madill, Pro-Claim Group | Wayne McDonald, Mack Trucks | Jim Hutchinson, Republic Services

Moderator: Kris Ord, KO Consulting

As many areas of the industry transition to electric vehicles, there is a lot to consider and learn. Let’s discuss the benefits, challenges, and what the future looks like together.

9:30-11:30 am

In-person & Virtual Via private Zoom Link


Educators & Communicators Roundtable

Roundtable & open discussion | Room: Arbutus C/D & Zoom (hybrid)

Hosts/Moderators: Abby McLennan & Ingalisa Burns, Let’s Talk Trash

Bringing solid waste diversion educators and communicators together to discuss current initiatives, challenges and successes. Solid waste management educators and communicators can register to attend.

11:30 am-1:50 pm

In-person only

Local Government & First Nations Roundtable

Roundtable & open discussion | Room: Arbutus A/B 

Hosts: Avery Gottfried, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy | Sonam Bajwa, Regional District of Nanaimo | Rory Tooke, City of Victoria

Moderator: Kris Ord, KO Consulting


Local Governments and First Nation leaders come together to share updates on solid waste management initiatives. Lunch provided – registration required.


2:00-5:00 pm (ish)

Information and sign-ups will be sent to all delegates and will be managed on a first come first served basis. Limited spaces.

We have two great tours this year 

1) Hartland Landfill and 2) Food Recovery Tour. Each tour also ensures participants are refreshingly educated on local brewery and distillery sustainable practices.


6:00-7:30 pm (ish)

Welcome Reception
Main Hall In-Person

Get your networking shoes on! Our welcome reception is a mingling and networking good time. Appetizers are served but we encourage you to make dinner plans with colleagues.

THURSDAY October 27, 2022

October 27, 2022

7:00 am

Optional Activities!
Group Morning activities: 1) 40-Minute Plogging (jogging and picking up litter) OR 2) 30-Minute Group Walk


Get out for some active time with your colleagues. Sign up info will be sent to registered attendees.

7:30 am

Exhibition Opens / Breakfast
Main Hall In-Person

Get your day started with a fresh breakfast in our Main Hall. Be sure to stop by our Exhibitor booths!

8:15-8:45 am

Welcome & Special Greetings
Main Hall In-Person / EventMobi Virtual

With Sheila Molloy, Executive Director, CWMA | 

Brendan McShane Chair, CWMA | 

Special Guest: Mayor Lisa Helps, City of Victoria


A warm welcome to all of our in-person and virtual attendees. Special thanks to Mayor Lisa Helps for kicking us off with a warm welcome on behalf of the City of Victoria.

8:50 -10:00 am

Keynote Speaker: Kevin Vallely!
Main Hall In-Person / EventMobi Virtual

Inspirational Adventurer, Leadership, Teamwork and Resilience Expert, Author 

Introduction by: Rory Tooke, City of Victoria

Kevin has proven that he can thrive in the most adverse conditions imaginable. Through his experiences he has garnered a powerful understanding of leadership, resilience and perspective in unpredictable and fast-changing environments: something everyone in our industry can relate to…

10:30 am-Noon

The Future of Building Waste Diversion
Main Hall In-Person Panel / EventMobi Virtual

With Adam Corneil, unbuilders | Christian Dietrich, Ecowaste | Zosia Brown, Nexii | Rita Farkas, National Zero Waste Council

Moderator: Michael ZarblMajor Appliance Recycling Roundtable

Construction & demolition waste is a major component of the material sent to our landfills, and solutions for this stream are on the rise! Let’s explore current recovery systems, what is ‘on deck’, and what the future may hold.

12:00-1:00 pm

Main Hall In-Person


1:00-2:30 pm

The Plastics Value Chain: Actions For a Circular System 
Main Hall In-Person Panel / EventMobi Virtual

With Paul Shorthouse, Canada Plastics Pact | Sam Baker, Recycle BC | Al Boflo, Reclaim Plastics | Cody Irwin, ShareWares

Moderator: Cindy Coutts, Return-It

The plastic value chain is complex, touching many aspects of our everyday lives. Let’s break it down for local and national perspectives on what is needed to move toward more circular solutions.

2:30-3:00 pm

Break Time


Exhibitors and Sponsor virtual and/or in-person booths are the highlight of our break time. We cannot hold this event without them. Be sure to stop by!

3:00-4:30 pm

A Shared Vision: Collaborations with First Nations

Main Hall In-Person Panel / EventMobi Virtual

With Lucinda PhillipsIndigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group | Will Burrows, BC Used Oil Management AssociationErralyn Thomas, Snuneymuxw First Nation | Peter Reid, GRT | Chief Gordon Planes, T’Sou-ke First Nation | Crysta StubbsCoastal Restoration Society 

Moderator: Marcia Dick, City of Kamloops

Learn about successful examples and the informed collaborations between companies, local governments and First Nations working together to manage solid waste. This session focuses on many aspects: from important cultural considerations to organizing the hands-on work together.

5:30-9:00 pm

Reception & Dinner
Main Hall In-Person

Those attending in person come together to dine and network. Meet your colleagues across BC and Canada.

FRIDAY October 28, 2022

October 28, 2022

7:30 am

Exhibition Opens / Breakfast


Get your day started with a fresh breakfast in our Main Hall.

8:15-9:00 am

Marquee Speaker
EventMobi Virtual Speaker / Main Hall Conferenced In

Kelly Drennan, Fashion Takes Action

Moderator: Tracy LydiattTextile Lab for Circularity


Kelly Drennan is a systems thinker, thought leader and disruptor devoted to making change within the fashion industry. Look forward to learning about her work, including their leadership of a group of national stakeholders in a mechanical textile recycling pilot.


9:00-10:15 am

Producer Roles in Developing Circular Solutions
Main Hall In-Person / EventMobi Virtual

With Katie WilsonArc’teryx | Paul Grenier, Clorox CanadaMelodie Reynolds, Elate Cosmetics

Moderator: David Lawes, BC Used Oil Management Association

What role (s) should producers play in developing circular solutions? What are they already doing that we may not know of and how can we help them achieve their goals? 

10:15-10:30 am

Short Break Time


Fast break time to fill your coffee, tea and be ready for the last great plenary sessions!

10:30-11:45 am

Marine Debris: Solutions for Today and the Future 
Main Hall In-Person / EventMobi Virtual

With Lucas Harris, Surfrider CanadaLisa HeddersonFisheries and Oceans Canada Ghost Gear Fund | Chloé Dubois, Ocean Legacy

Moderator: Veronica Bartlett, Morrison Hershfield

CWMA has a unique focus on marine debris prevention and removal. Come join a  candid discussion on progress, new actions, and how today’s actions can create solutions for tomorrow’s marine environment.

11:45am-12:30 pm

Epilogue: Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Main Hall In-Person / EventMobi Virtual

With Avery Gottfried, Meegan Armstrong, Daisy Lilley, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy  

Moderator: Sonam BajwaRegional District of Nanaimo, Vice-Chair, CWMA

Our recurring finale! Thanks to the Ministry for their time and care to complete our event and inform our delegates.


12:30 pm

A Fond Farewell  
Main Hall In-Person / EventMobi Virtual

With Sheila Molloy, CWMA

Boxed Lunch to go!


Just a few more minutes…you got this…Give us a chance to thank you, our speakers, staff, and volunteers. 

Don’t miss your ferry or flight! A ‘to go’ lunch can be enjoyed as you commute or at a park along Victoria’s beautiful harbour!