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Industry Information & Data

CWMA Library

Part of the CWMA’s mandate is to share statistical data, technical expertise, and to centralize current information and news from our members. 

The Library is being re-built in 2021 to enable our members, and the greater industry, to access information that will allow them to stay up-to-date on progress, inspire cooperative projects, and become a point of reference to assist waste and recycling professionals with their own research. 

At times, we will send out surveys and collectors to aggregate information for the benefit of members and the greater industry. The information is not comprehensive, but is often a great snapshot to guide decisions and/or further research.

If you notice any errors or omissions, or have any suggestions as to how we can improve on this resource, please contact us anytime.

Current Surveys & Results

CWMA Survey: Zero Waste Initiatives & Intentions

Survey is now closed. Thank you everyone who participated.


Results Dashboard: Read the results

CWMA Survey: Textile Initiatives, Interests, Next Steps

Survey is now closed. Thank you everyone who participated.

Results Dashboard: TO FOLLOW

By completing any CWMA survey listed above, you are consenting to participate and to having aggregated feedback published on a dashboard open for public viewing.

Member Newsletters

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Stewardship Program News

Recent Industry Studies

Local, National, International

▸ National Zero Waste Council: Circular Food Solutions in Canada: A Coast to Coast Landscape Scan

▸ Canada Plastics Pact releases ‘Roadmap to 2025’

▸ Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)/Zero Waste BC: A Zero Waste Agenda for BC