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Hybrid: What does it all mean?

Attend everything virtually OR attend in-person with a little bit of virtual

The Virtual Experience

The successful virtual conference we put on in 2020 is our new baseline for attendance going forward.

Every registration includes all the Virtual Event options available on our EventMobi virtual / mobile platform leading up to the conference, live during the conference, and for a limited time after the conference. 

All attendees can interact via chat, live Q&A during plenary sessions, plus all the great sponsor and networking interactions the virtual platform offers.

In-Person Experience

We just don’t know what will happen, but we are closely monitoring everyday to see if the health rules in BC will change on us. Current indicators and BC being in Step 3 gives us reason for optimism. Please see our current Covid Safety & Health Protocols which are updated weekly.

What we do know is that CWMA Conference will not be “back to normal”, but, in keeping with our creative approaches in the past, we will make the absolute best of the situation!

The in-person experience will mean following directional arrows, physical distancing, mask wearing, and reduced occupancy of our rooms. Some speakers/plenaries will be in-person and others will be virtual.

We know that Health Regulations may reduce allowed occupancy. Sponsors and members will be given first priority for the limited spaces. We will maximize attendance using available space wisely and. Priority will be given to sponsors and members. The VCC is a very large space with multiple rooms that can be sectioned, so if we need to reduce, we will cleverly manage the numbers per room to ensure we maximize the number of in-person guests we can have at different times.

We will do as much in-person as is safe and practical and will take steps now to ensure our transition to that is simpler.

What will be different for sure…

1) The Food Choices

Regardless of how “open” we can be in person by October, we will be re-setting the food options to focus on bringing our local economy back, keep everyone safe regardless of where health orders are at, and avoid the financial burden of high food quantities if we need to make last moment changes due to health orders.

Every delegate attending in-person will receive a VIP Pass for discounts to local restaurants and popular food venues to use during the (extended) lunch breaks and for dinner.  You can organize your own lunch and dinner dates but we will also facilitate fun, impromptu lunch networking as well.

We will still have stellar refreshments, morning and afternoon grazing snacks for those attending plenaries in person. All food will be thoughtfully curated for convenience, safety, and deliciousness.

But there will be no bottomless buffet, elaborate food stations, or showy cheese fondue fountains. Our new (much lower) registration prices reflect this change.

2) Well-Paced & Long Networking Breaks

To ensure delegates have time to go for a lunch, arrive from a morning breakfast, leave at decent time for a dinner reservation, or just go home or back to their hotel if it feels too “peopley“, we will be pacing our plenary sessions and speakers differently this year. 

3) Ticket Pricing & Returns

This leads us to the fabulous registration prices and refund policy if health directives should change occupancy for the Combo (in-person) delegates.

Full-Access Virtual Conference Registration: For those that will attend virtually only. This includes all the amazing pre-event sessions, virtual attendance to Wednesday’s Roundtables and live-streamed sessions on Thursday and Friday. 

Members: $125 plus GST | Friends of CWMA: $175 plus GST
(a great time to consider membership: new member annual fees are prorated)

Full-Access Combo Conference Registration: For those that will attend in-person and virtually. The combination is particularly nice as we all manage our level of comfort in coming back together. Includes everything listed in the virtual registration PLUS In-Person registration for all meetings and sessions including networking break-out rooms at the beautiful Victoria Convention Centre. Grazing boxes and snacks morning and afternoon. VIP Delegate Pass (deals on popular tourist attractions and restaurants), and attendance to our popular networking reception on Wednesday evening.

Members: $225 plus GST | Friends of CWMA: $275 plus GST
(a great time to consider membership: new member annual fees are prorated)

Proportioned returns.
Depending on what happens with health orders, CWMA is prepared to quickly adjust and refund a portion of the Combo registration price up to the amount of the Virtual registration price (which is still a great worst-case-scenario).

You can register now knowing you are guaranteed the virtual event! 

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