June 7 CWMA Roundtable & Group Discussion ~ Best Practices for Repair Cafés

CWMA Roundtable & Group Discussion Event

Best Practices for Repair Cafés 

CWMA roundtables are around-the-table discussions with members and friends of CWMA who want to share and learn current information from each-other on a particular topic. 
Plan to participate!
Share your ideas. What worked, what did not work, and what may need some tweaking…


Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 1:00-2:30 PM Pacific time | Virtual Event

Let’s break out the good ideas and the not-so-good ideas to help each other learn more about these repair resources for your communities!
Repair Cafés are meeting places and they’re all about repairing things (together). These events ensure the tools and materials to help make any repairs are available. Clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles,  appliances, toys, and more — running these events takes expert volunteers with repair skills in all kinds of fields, community marketing, and passion. 
Topics and the discussion will flow from the individual updates.

– COST –

CWMA Members $15 | Non-Members $20

+GST | CWMA’s base operating budget relies on event revenue and member fees in equal measure: we are grateful for your support! Roundtable pricing has been kept low to ensure everyone can attend and participate — if the price is still a barrier for you to participate, please be in touch with us. Differential pricing options for students and non-profits is available.


1:00 PM — Welcome!

1:05 PM — We will kick things off with two presentations from those with successful repair cafe programs.

1:30 PM — Facilitated Roundtable: attendees are welcome and expected to bring a related update.

2:25 PM — Next Steps / Conclusion


CWMA uses the Zoom Platform for events. Dial-in option is available but participants must confirm the dial-in phone number to be admitted to the event. Details on how it will all work will be sent in advance. 

Registration is Now Open!

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