June 4 ~ The Road to Zero Waste: A Work in Progress RECAP

CWMA Presentation Webinar Event

followed by our Annual General Meeting

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The Road to Zero Waste:
     A Work in Progress

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The event was held on
Friday, June 4, 2021 | 9:30 – 11:00 AM PST

The road to zero waste is a work in progress for many BC municipalities and districts. Understanding and taking action to get from where you are today to an ideal down the road balances a lot of priorities, people and perspectives. 
Join us to hear from Metro Vancouver, City of Victoria and the Regional District of Nanaimo as they share their journey and progress update toward zero waste in their unique areas of the province.


Virtual Doors Open at 9:15 AM for networking and a/v tech check
9:30 AM — Welcome Everyone / A word from our Sponsor: Product Care
9:40 AM —  Presentations / Q&A / Open Discussion
11:00 AM — Conclusion


Thank you to our Presenters!

Andrew Head & Shoulders

Andrew Marr | Presentation

Metro Vancouver

Andrew Marr was trained as a chemical engineer at the University of BC, and spent 7 years in the private sector (in research & development for rechargeable batteries, and in hazardous waste management) before joining Metro Vancouver where he is the Director of Solid Waste Planning. His 30 years with Metro Vancouver has included a few years in water conservation, liquid waste, and environmental management, but the majority has been in the Solid Waste Services department, especially in waste reduction and recycling. Since 2004 he has also taught Waste Reduction and Recycling Technology at the BC Institute of Technology.

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Sonam Bajwa | Presentation

Regional District of Nanaimo

Sonam Bajwa is the Solid Waste Planner at the Regional District of Nanaimo.  Sonam holds a B.A. major in Geography with a Specialty in Environmental Studies, complemented by a certificate in Spatial Information Systems.  Prior to her 5 years at the Regional District, Sonam was Program Coordinator for province and nation-wide product stewardship organizations.  She got her start in the solid waste industry working for Tetra Tech, where she was a Solid Waste Auditor and Outreach Ambassador.  With a passion for social and environment causes, Sonam has volunteered for the David Suzuki Foundation, and for CANstruction.


Rory Tooke | Presentation

City of Victoria

Rory is the Manager of Sustainability and Asset Management at the City of Victoria. He established and leads the solid waste engineering and planning function of the City with responsibilities for zero waste and circular economy policies and programs, planning and design of municipal solid waste services and corporate sustainability initiatives. Rory is the current Vice Chair of the Capital Region’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee and a proud member of the CWMA Board of Directors.


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