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CWMA Member Exclusive
Learn-From-a-Pro  Education Session

The Best Ways to Use Video
& How to Get Started

Thursday, May 12, 2022 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | Virtual

Video content is growing in use and popularity for everything from engaging staff to building social media audience. Join us  to learn some of the basics about video production. Whether you are doing it yourself or working with a professional video creator, having a base understanding will help your journey into video content creation.


1. Why it’s important to use video 2021
2. The 5 best types of videos for your industry and how to use them
3. Video formats and file type basics you should know (what they mean and what’s optimal for various platforms)
4. Helpful equipment for video recording on a budget
5. How to plan for your video: 
  —Determining an objective and call to action
  —Deciding on a concept/story
  —Deciding the length and where your video will be posted
  —Who and what should be in your videos 
6. Building your audience, engagement and social media “relationships” by tapping into existing video content
BRING YOUR QUESTIONS! Time is given in every session for open discussion and q&a


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Dial-in option is available but participants must confirm the dial-in phone number to be admitted to the event. 

About our Session Pros

Learn More about Video Rescue


Kathleen Rukavina

Co-Founder & CEO, Video Rescue Inc

Video Rescue is a global online professional editing service that’s fast and affordable for video and audio content creators who need the help of experienced editors, colorists, graphics specialists, sound engineers and other post-production talent. We’ve made it fast and easy to create authentic video content that connects with your customers or your audience. And, we’ve kept our prices affordable so you can create enough content to satisfy the demands of video consumers. 
Our experience combined with high-tech software and super fast systems means that we can complete your projects in a very short time and for great value.
We are thrilled to offer a service that gives you the freedom to be creative, experiment and show the passion for what you do, without the worry of technical issues and navigating complex editing software.

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