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How Does It All Work?


Live Speakers | Pre-recorded Events | Discussion Groups | so much more!

Virtual Hall

This virtual format will run similar to our in-person format. It will include livestream of our keynotes and plenary sessions, pre-recorded content at dedicated times with live Q&A, pre-recorded content to play whenever you want,  a variety of dedicated discussion rooms, and on-demand content to watch anytime before, after, or during the event on your breaks.

We are using the incredibly interactive EventMobi software customized for our event.

Our agenda is timed with viewing and participation kindness with breaks and well-timed sessions.

While we suggest treating these days like you are attending an in-person conference with a complete focus on networking and attending sessions, we know that may not happen so we have ensured a balance of live content and on-demand content. 

Live Chat: Each session will have a live chat for questions and comments.

Group Discussions: Initiate or join group discussion to connect with others attending the conference in person and virtually.

Private Chat: Connect with specific conference attendees.

Sponsor Booths: Sponsors will have virtual booths set with information, documents, links to their web external webspace, and video for you to review on your own time. You can reach out directly to the booth hosts with your questions and to connect.

Roundtable Zoom-In: You can attend some of the Wednesday Roundtables virtually with all those in the rooms in person. We will use a traditional Zoom Meeting room with the camera facing the in-person participants. How cool is that?

Virtual Conference FAQ

Will this be like a long Zoom meeting? (i.e. I am Zoomed out)
We understand. It will not be like one really long Zoom meeting….more like two, well-paced days of binge watching a great program on Netflix, while texting your friends, and checking your instagram for likes. You will be able to watch livestream events, be part of the q&as, take part in side discussions, and have breaks for coffee…
How can we avoid burn out?
In-person and virtual conferences can cause burn out. So prepare just like you would normally: be ready to take breaks, have snacks handy, and pace yourself. Our Virtual Hall opens on September 20, 2021 to give you loads of time to update your profile, visit Sponsor booths, watch on-demand content, etc.
Will there be networking and open discussion with other participants?
Oh yes! There are discussion areas to start your own chats or take part in some of the pre-planned discussion. You can also reach out to others and make plans for side meetings.
Do I have to download a lot of software?
Nope. Just one web-based application called EventMobi that is going to be best viewed on your laptop or desktop computer but can also be downloaded to your smartphone or i-pad.
Can my work team watch as a group?
What a great idea! Some organizations have already signed up to do that exactly. Register each individual so they can take part as individuals in discussions, compete for prizes, view on demand and sponsor info on their own, but then plan to sit in the boardroom for the main presentations together on one screen while using the app on your phones as well. Donuts are recommended.


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