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Membership with CWMA

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Membership with CWMA

Coast Waste Management Association is a highly-regarded non-profit membership association serving the solid waste management industry across British Columbia. We are honoured to be a key part of the success of the entire industry for 29 years. Our Board of Directors is set on ensuring we continue to be one of the strongest and most rewarding local networks in the industry. Meet our Current Members. Learn more About Us.

The benefits of membership are value-packed! Memberships are per organization so every staff member can opt-in to the benefits…

Benefits of Membership

Working Groups & Roundtables

Our popular topic-specific roundtables take place throughout the year and are well-attended. These popular, actionable working groups are another great way to network, learn, and look for solutions together.

Wildly Popular Weekly Industry News Updates

CWMA sends thoughtfully curated weekly updates to notify members of industry news, topics, issues, and events. We ensure our members stay up-to-date on waste news in BC and beyond. 


One of our key benefits for members is the strong community we have built through excellent forums for networking, collaboration, and idea sharing we provide each year to all of our members and the greater industry.

Events & Stakeholder Feedback Sessions

Always popular and relevant!  In addition to a regular schedule of Networking & Speaker events, we occasionally provide forums for presentations and stakeholder information engagements by stewardship programs, the government, and industry leaders. 

Discounted Event Rates & Exclusive Free Events

Discounted registration fees at our workshops and networking events hosted throughout the year as well as member-rates to our Annual Conference. We will also hold exclusive free events for members.

Making Connections

As our reach in the community is vast, our ability to make connections is a great benefit. We are happy to make introductions to help you build business and find solutions – one relationship at time. 

Courtesy Web Link & Member Directory

We highlight members from our site in our membership listing to ensure ease-of-access to your information NEW! In 2024 we will be AMPING up our business directory!

Industry Library

CWMA has always produced and compiled information in a free clearinghouse NEW! In 2024 we have expanded this and introduced a new Resource Library and Knowledge Base.

Facilitation Services

For members, we offer very affordable, expert facilitation services for your events, meetings or solid waste management planning outreaches to the public.

Research Services

For members, we offer affordable service rates for industry-related research including secondary compilation, primary surveying, outreach and analysis. 

New member fees in 2024…

CWMA tries to ensure fair pricing that allows every organization to take part in our community and support the important work of the organization. However, if our rates are not affordable but you still want to participate as a member, please be in touch to discuss your needs, we want to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to be part of this great organization.

Annual Membership 

Contact Us to learn more about membership or sign on below.

  • Membership is valid from January to December annually.

  • New Members pay a pro-rated fee in year one.

  • Renewals go out in January of each year. Members who are not paid by March 15, will be removed from the the Member list.

  • Membership fees apply organization-wide (i.e. all employees/staff are members) so the more team members you include, the better the value!

  • Our organizational membership model allows as many people in an organization to be members under that membership ensuring we reach every level and area of an organization. It adds a very unique breadth and depth of experiences and knowledge to all of our forums.

  • Historically, Regional District fees were set to help supplement lower prices for the smaller local governments and non-profits in their districts to able to participate. 

2024 Membership Rates

New Member Sign up: Become a Member Today!


Student Membership is FREE

Learn more about the industry and network with industry leaders and future employers and engage with the entire CWMA community! To qualify for Student Membership, you must be a full-time Graduate/Masters student with an interest in environmental sciences, solid waste management, sustainability, or recycling-related professions. Sign Up Today!