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An historical overview

  • Curbside recycling programs began in some Island communities around 1989.
  • Barriers for some municipalities included distance to markets, no MRF infrastructure, limited staff to oversee marketing of collected recyclables, no collection infrastructure, and widespread rural populations.
  • Then Mayor of Nanaimo, Joy Leach (1990-1993), advanced the idea of setting up Cooperative Marketing pool to handle the recyclable materials for member communities as a means to have some of the smaller or less urban communities participating.
  • The Capital Regional District and the Regional District of Nanaimo advanced a resolution “to investigate and set up a Cooperative Marketing pool” for debate at the Association of Vancouver Island Municipalities (AVIM) now known as Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC).
  • The resolution did not advance but the spirit of information sharing and communication was established as a result.
  • Three of the larger regional districts (CRD, CVRD, RDN) remained in discussion regarding continuing the level of cooperation and information sharing, and to include all stakeholders in the waste and recycling field including  local governments, private industry (collectors/haulers and processors) and not-for-profits.
  • These discussions included the idea to set up a clearing house for information (collection contracts, bylaws, staff reports, annual reports, etc.) to assist members.
  • Another facet was to be a conduit for learning – hosting seminars and workshops for members.
  • This led to the formation of an association with an Island and Coastal focus.
  • Regional Districts (RDs) would play lead role because they have the mandate from the Provincial Government for managing solid waste.
  • Operations would be funded by setting a membership fee and making incremental revenue from events including an annual conference.
  • To ensure financial stability (in early days) invoice member RDs a per capita rate, and other members lesser rates.

  • Founding Board members (December 1995)
    • Local Government
      • Carey McIver – Regional District of Nanaimo
      • Graeme Faris – Comox Valley Regional District
      • Brenda Phillips – Capital Regional District
    • Not-for-Profit sector
      • Jeff Collins – Sunshine Coast Recycling and Processing Society (SCRAPS)
      • Nickie Polson – Campbell River Recycling Society
    • Private Industry Sector
      • Jim Bradley – International Paper Industries – Private (also a Director of VISRA, Vancouver Island Sunshine Coast Recycling Association, CWMA’s predecessor).
      • Jerry Kupiak – Sun Coast Waste