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Board Composition & Terms


The Board will consist of: Eight directors with at least one from each of:
(i) government; (ii) private sector; (iii) non-profit sector; and (iv) product stewardship agency sector.


Each director: will be elected to serve a two-year term of office; will serve until his or her successor is elected at the AGM held towards the end of that period; will continue to serve if no successor is elected; and may be elected to serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

Advanced Voting Link is be available on request by members

Meet the Board Nominees (presented in Alphabetical order)

Corinne Atwood

Corinne Atwood

Corinne Atwood is entering her 15th year as the Executive Director of the BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association (BCBRDA). The BCBRDA is a non profit association founded in 1997 by bottle and recycling depots and is governed by a Regional Board of Directors. The BCBRDA has been a member of CWMA for over a decade. Corinne advocates for sustainable recycling and waste material management programs to all levels of government and serves as a Management Board member of the National Zero Waste Council and City of Delta Board of Variance Committee member.

Corinne has earned the designations of Certified Association Executive (CAE), SWANA Recycling Systems Manager and Sirolli Institute Enterprise Facilitator. Prior to her employment with the BCBRDA Corinne was the Community Ventures Business Developer with the New Westminster Community Development Society, working with business start-ups, expansions and lending programs. Corinne is also an experienced event manager.

Corinne’s awards include the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year “COBE”, CSAE Leadership Award and BIABC Best Economic and Business Development Award.

  • It is important for me personally and as Executive Director of the BCBRDA to align with associations of similar focus.  The BCBRDA provides a forum for depot operators to exchange information and come together as one voice. The Mission of the BC Bottle Depot and Recycling Association is to advance the best interests of our members and promote sustainable recycling programs that support a healthy environment and benefit the public and our communities.

Mark Kurschner (standing for re-election)

Mark Kurschner (standing for re-election)

Mark is the president of Product Care Association based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Product Care is a non-profit industry association that operates product stewardship programs across Canada. Product Care manages programs on behalf of its members and also as program manager for other stewardship organizations. 

Products and programs managed by Product Care include paint, lighting products, flammable liquids, pesticides, smoke alarms, as well as small appliances and outdoor power equipment. Product Care also works with programs in the USA including the American Coatings Association to establish the first US paint stewardship program in Oregon and launched the Washington State Mercury Containing Lamps program. 

Mark became the president of Product Care Association in 2002 and is a qualified lawyer. Among many other projects and initiatives, Mark was honoured to work with the Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group (IZWTAG) to help them set up their not-for-profit organization.

Mark lives in Vancouver, but he is a frequent visitor to the family cabin at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.  Mark was elected to the board of CWMA in 2016 and re-elected in 2018 and looks forward to serving another term.

  • As demonstrated by the breadth of its membership, CWMA plays a valuable role as a place to obtain and exchange information about improving waste management in the BC coastal region, and most importantly, to meet and get to know the people who are involved in so many ways.

Andrea Panich

Andrea Panich

Andrea currently works at Hartland landfill, researching  solid waste management and health & safety topics, developing risk assessments,  preparing jobs safety analysis, exposure control plans, emergency preparedness and coordinating required safety training.

As a joint occupational health and safety member, Andrea prepares minutes and agenda’s and presents health and safety material to the committee. She has experience in environmental monitoring,  sampling and working in analytical laboratories, processing samples for analysis.  

Andrea has a B.Sc. in Environmental Science, a diploma in Environmental Technology and a certificate in Environmental and Occupational Health. In her spare time, she enjoys adventures with her dogs, hiking with her partner, shopping at farmers markets, and volunteer work in habitat restoration and bee habitat enhancement.

  • CWMA is a platform that allows like-minded people to connect and continuously learn how to improve  waste management practices.

    The solid waste management industry is ever-changing and there will always be a need for waste management. Environmental leadership and best management practices are tools necessary to achieve the goals associated with implementing new strategies and initiatives.  

  • I have attended the conference for three years in a row and enjoy the networking, education and information available. I am interested in supporting the association at a greater capacity where my skills and experience can be utilized at the annual conference, technical sessions, workshops and any other events or tasks required.

    1. Broad landfill experience & understanding in operations, waste recovery/diversion, environmental monitoring.
    2. Environmental, Health & safety background-understanding how solid waste practices could impact the environment, and health and safety of people and always aiming for the protection of human health and the environment in decision making processes.
    3. Experience working with a wide variety of people/groups- stakeholders, public, staff, management,  consultants, contractors, students.
Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens is the Operations Director for Renewi Canada, leading and driving performance at four operational organic waste processing facilities in Ontario and British Columbia. 

Ray has over 30 years experience in management, starting his career as an owner operator of a small trucking company and working through to more senior roles in lumber manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, oil and gas and the utility industry. He has experience as a General Manager at one of the largest equipment suppliers to the solid wood industry where he successfully maneuvered the company from a significant loss situation to record profits by becoming a supplier of choice. Here, he transitioned to Senior Vice President of Operations across North America with international sales and served as a member of the board of directors.

After a brief retirement, Ray attended Royal Roads University and attained his MBA. After completion of a consultation contract for a major oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico, he transitioned to BC Hydro as a Maintenance and Operations Manager for the Bridge River facility. A year later, he was successful in a bid to the Area Manager position and then moved onto the Regional Director for Coastal Operations.

  • I am a firm believer that the strengths of any industry are in its ability to share information in order to build healthy competition while maintaining a competitive edge.

    We are the sum of our knowledge and experience, but this only has value if we can pass it on through education and mentorship. I applaud CWMA’s mission to foster leadership and networking through collaboration and education in a rapidly developing and changing environment.

  • I have had the privilege to attend several CWMA conferences and found there to be many passionate and thought-provoking people with varied views and a genuine interest in the industry.

    I see CWMA as a conduit to bring together leaders with differing points of view to help shape the direction, growth and sustainability of our industry.  

    1. My experience in different industries has presented me with an ability to look objectively at challenges to often find creative solutions.
    2. I enjoy working with high performing teams which is my impression of the CWMA Board and have a drive for continuous improvement,
    3. I have a passion for industry and strategic development and have worked and can communicate at all levels from the shop floor to the senior board of directors.
Rory Tooke

Rory Tooke

Rory is the Manager of Sustainability and Asset Management at the City of Victoria where he helped to establish and now leads the City’s solid waste engineering and planning section. His team is currently preparing the City’s Zero Waste Strategy, developing and implementing single-use item regulations and supporting the design of new infrastructure to improve streetscape diversion.

Rory has over 10 years experience in municipal sustainability. He was a founding member of the BC Energy Step Code Council that developed BC’s regulatory pathway to achieve net zero energy buildings and was a member of the project team that led the design of Surrey’s Clayton Community Centre – the largest Passive House facility of its kind. Rory currently sits as the City of Victoria representative to the Capital Regional District’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

Rory holds a Masters and PhD in natural resources management from the University of British Columbia and has previous Board experience including the roles of member-at-large and treasurer.

Ed Walsh (standing for re-election)

Ed Walsh (standing for re-election)

Ed Walsh has over 25 years of experience in the waste diversion industry and has held several important positions in several waste management companies in BC.  

Ed is one of Emterra’s key managers, representing Emterra in matters and opportunities related to these contracts. Ed has been an integral part of the senior management team, having designed, implemented and managed multiple large scale municipal contracts throughout BC. He takes care of business development, implementing new contracts and setting priorities and procedures for the efficient operations of Emterra’s plants and the fleet in BC. 

Ed is a Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Certified Manager and Teacher of Collection Systems and the Director of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of SWANA. He would look forward to continuing to work on the CWMA Board.

  • CWMA members are involved in such diverse activities as recycling, composting, deconstruction, extended product stewardship, policy development, which have been my career for the past 30 years.

    CWMA is island based and focused, but attracts participation from across BC and Canada.