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CWMA Annual General Meeting | June 4, 2021 | 11:00 AM PDT 

Held in conjunction with another great speaker event: The Road to Zero Waste: A Work in Progress
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Board Composition & Terms


The Board will consist of: Eight directors with at least one from each of:
(i) government; (ii) private sector; (iii) non-profit sector; and (iv) product stewardship agency sector.


Each director: will be elected to serve a two-year term of office; will serve until his or her successor is elected at the AGM held towards the end of that period; will continue to serve if no successor is elected; and may be elected to serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

2021 NOTES
Each year, four directors return for a second year in office and there are four positions open for nominations. Directors whose two-year term is expiring are eligible to submit their name for consideration for re-election. This year, there is an additional one-year term to be filled as a result of a board member switching work positions which, in turn, requires us to specifically elect a private sector Board Member this year to ensure we fulfill our Board Composition per the By-Laws

Meet the Board Nominees (presented in Alphabetical order)

Sonam Bajwa (standing for re-election)

Sonam Bajwa (standing for re-election)

Sonam Bajwa is the Solid Waste Planner at the Regional District of Nanaimo.  Sonam holds a B.A. major in Geography with a Specialty in Environmental Studies, complemented by a certificate in Spatial Information Systems. In her time at the RDN, she has been responsible for the consultation and implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plan, the region-wide curbside collection program and departmental communication. Prior to the RDN, Sonam was Program Coordinator for province and nation-wide product stewardship programs.  She got her start in the solid waste industry working for Tetra Tech, where she was a Solid Waste Auditor and Outreach Ambassador.

  • CWMA – the organization and the members – are some of the most cooperative, like-minded, and respectful people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I think it’s the perfect place to explore zero waste and general waste challenges and advance sustainability in a professional and supportive environment.

  • 1)     My broad experience in solid waste (local government, consulting and extended producer responsibility) allows me to have a varied perspective.

    2)     Previous experience working with Non-profits and budget management.

    3)     Exceptional communicator. There’s always more to learn, but my experience working with a wide range of stakeholders, internal and external have allowed me to hone this skill.

Peter Grant (standing for re-election)

Peter Grant (standing for re-election)

Recycling Depot Program Manager, Salt Spring Island Community Services. Born long long ago in a land far away….( Norway ) Grew up in Montreal – BA from McGill University – Majored in English. Moved to Calgary and spent 15 years there, working in the Oil and Gas industry as well as dabbling in the Hospitality trade. Moved to Salt Spring Island in 1984 and has been managing the Recycling Depot there since the early nineties…..One of each – Wife: Donna, Son: Jeff and Grandson: Kaleb.

  • “Coast Waste Management Association fosters environmental leadership and best practices by providing a forum for discussion, education, and networking.” CWMA has been doing exactly that exceptionally well…it keeps members informed of all things happening in the industry and with the various working groups; everyone can participate meaningfully.

Brendan McShane (standing for re-election)

Brendan McShane (standing for re-election)

Brendan is the Manager, Collection Quality and Development for Recycle BC, and currently sits as Chair for CWMA. Brendan has worked with Recycle BC for 7 years, overseeing partnerships throughout the Province, with a focus on Coastal operations. Throughout this time he has had the pleasure of working with the broad spectrum of waste management partners and is grateful for the strong relationships developed throughout the province. In 2017, Brendan joined the Board of Directors with CWMA to further involve himself within the industry and provide a greater service to those partnerships he values. Brendan lives in Victoria with his young family, enjoying all things coastal BC has to offer.

  • I am increasingly more aware that the smallest or most unlikely connections can generate some of the greatest impacts.  The CWMA community is so diverse, and the potential to make change is really endless. I think the mission that CWMA holds is the simply the start of many great things to come. It holds a power to change, and an opportunity  to further enhance the common goals we are all on. It excites me that one organization can be a catalyst for so many great things.

  • From the very first CWMA conference I attended, I felt a sense of belonging and community amongst all the delegates.  Something that continues to draw me in, and compels me to feed back into. I  am also  always  impressed with not only the caliber of the events put on by CWMA, but also the welcoming and ease of integration of all sectors of the industry, people and culture, truly offering an open platform for all of us to be part of.

    1. With my interest to continue with the Board of Directors I bring a refined leadership style with a focus on mindfulness and inclusivity, allowing a well-rounded and objective representation to a diverse membership.

    2. Working with Recycle BC, managing programs province wide, I have a well established network of relationships and extensive knowledge of what is happening in the world of waste management on the coast and throughout BC.

    3. I also have a real passion for seeing people do their best – and support that success where possible.  Being part of the CWMA Board allows be the opportunity to help showcase those up and comers in the industry and  highlight some really interesting people and programs.

Ray Stevens (standing for election for the one year vacated position)

Ray Stevens (standing for election for the one year vacated position)

Ray Stevens is the Operations Director for Convertus, leading and driving performance at four operational organic waste processing facilities in Ontario and British Columbia. He has over 30 years experience in management, starting his career as an owner operator of a small trucking company and working through to more senior roles in lumber manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, oil and gas and the utility industry. Before making the move to Convertus, Ray worked in consecutive positions with BC Hydro, from Maintenance and Operations Manager to Regional Director for Coastal Operations. Ray has an MBA from Royal Roads University.

  • I am a firm believer that the strengths of any industry are in its ability to share information in order to build healthy competition while maintaining a competitive edge.

    We are the sum of our knowledge and experience, but this only has value if we can pass it on through education and mentorship. I applaud CWMA’s mission to foster leadership and networking through collaboration and education in a rapidly developing and changing environment.

  • I have had the privilege to attend several CWMA conferences and found there to be many passionate and thought-provoking people with varied views and a genuine interest in the industry.

    I see CWMA as a conduit to bring together leaders with differing points of view to help shape the direction, growth and sustainability of our industry.  

    1. My experience in different industries has presented me with an ability to look objectively at challenges to often find creative solutions.
    2. I enjoy working with high performing teams which is my impression of the CWMA Board and have a drive for continuous improvement,
    3. I have a passion for industry and strategic development and have worked and can communicate at all levels from the shop floor to the senior board of directors.
Michael Zarbl (standing for re-election)

Michael Zarbl (standing for re-election)

Michael joined the Major Appliance Recycling Roundtable as the Executive Director in July 2017.  Prior to that he was the Director of Operations at Recycle BC (formerly MMBC) the extended producer responsibility program for packaging and printed paper. Before joining Recycle BC, Michael was the Senior District Manager for Waste Management of Canada for four years, where he was responsible for the entire operation of the Vancouver Hauling District. Michael also has an extensive supply chain management background with direct experience in the key activities along the supply chain, culminating in direct waste management industry experience. Michael has a BA from Concordia University in Montreal and is fluent in both English and French. 

  • The CWMA mission is meaningful to me because the CWMA carries out its mission by hosting amazing conferences and events whereby participants can learn and share ideas on how to solve the challenges we face in an open, honest and forum.  The networking opportunities with peers and stakeholders in the industry are second to none.

  • I am motivated to be part of the Board of Directors of the CWMA because I feel that with my experience and knowledge in business and the industry I can contribute to the advancement of the association, but more importantly it is very rewarding and educational for me to learn from my peers and broaden my scope of work as well.  We never stop learning.

  • 1. My business and financial management experience, having managed multi-million dollar operations, is helpful is carrying out my fiduciary duties in managing the financial and long-term wellbeing of the organization.

    2. My experience having been a senior manager at the largest waste hauling company in North America as well as at the Producer Responsibility Organizations provides me with a unique perspective of the waste management industry.

    3. I am a people person,  I love working with others to share ideas, find solutions to our problems and I have a passion for this industry and for protecting our environment.