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CWMA Annual General Meeting | June 10, 2022 | 10:00 AM Pacific

Held in conjunction with another great speaker event: Momentum in Product Stewardship

Members, to register for the AGM only please email

Board Composition & Terms

The Board will consist of: Eight directors with at least one from each of:
(i) government; (ii) private sector; (iii) non-profit sector; and (iv) product stewardship agency sector.
Each director: will be elected to serve a two-year term of office; will serve until his or her successor is elected at the AGM held towards the end of that period; will continue to serve if no successor is elected; and may be elected to serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.
2022 NOTES
Each year, four directors return for a second year in office and there are four positions open for nominations. Directors whose two-year term is expiring are eligible to submit their name for consideration for re-election. Two board members are standing for re-election and two new members have been nominated for election. All open positions are uncontested (CWMA bylaws dictate nominations to a specific date and not from the floor), so all of these members will be elected by acclamation.

Meet the Board Nominees

Rory Tooke (standing for re-election)

Rory Tooke (standing for re-election)

Rory is the Manager of Sustainability and Asset Management at the City of Victoria. He established and leads the solid waste engineering and planning function of the City with responsibilities for zero waste and circular economy policies and programs, planning and design of municipal solid waste services and corporate sustainability initiatives. Rory is the current Vice Chair of the Capital Region’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee. He was a founding member of the BC Energy Step Code Council that developed BC’s regulatory pathway to achieve net zero energy buildings and was a member of the project team that led the design of Surrey’s Clayton Community Centre – the largest Passive House facility of its kind. Rory holds a Masters and PhD in natural resources management from the University of British Columbia.

  • Coastal BC has some of the most thoughtful, impactful and forward-looking environmental waste management initiatives in the country. This wouldn’t be possible without the strong network of practitioners that CWMA brings together. CWMA’s mission and success in perpetuating this robust forum for exchange between “on-the-ground” experts is what is most meaningful to me.

Andrea Panich (standing for re-election)

Andrea Panich (standing for re-election)

Andrea works at Hartland landfill, researching  solid waste management and health & safety topics, developing risk assessments,  preparing jobs safety analysis, exposure control plans, emergency preparedness and coordinating required safety training. As a joint occupational health and safety member, Andrea prepares minutes and agenda’s and presents health and safety material to the committee. She has experience in environmental monitoring,  sampling and working in analytical laboratories, processing samples for analysis.  Andrea has a B.Sc. in Environmental Science, a diploma in Environmental Technology and a certificate in Environmental and Occupational Health. 

  • I believe the strength of the organization is rooted in the relationships built from networking and sharing of knowledge.  This is fundamental to increasing awareness about the environmental  issues within the solid waste industry. 

  • I am motivated to be part of the board because of the information sharing and meeting like-minded people.  The solid waste industry is dynamic; it is important to always collaborate with people in the industry. Learning about better ways to manage solid waste  helps to reduce the impact on the environment and human health. 

Veronica Bartlett (standing for election)

Veronica Bartlett (standing for election)

Veronica Bartlett is an environmental and waste management consultant with over 15 years’ experience. With a postgraduate degree in ecotoxicology from Uppsala University, Sweden; Veronica started her career developing “waste management and minimization plans” for municipalities across New Zealand. New professional challenges and the beautiful coast mountains attracted Veronica to North Vancouver where she joined Morrison Hershfield’s growing team of waste management experts in 2012. Over the last ten years, Veronica has worked on projects involving many important aspects of waste management: the development of solid waste management plans, assessment of EPR impacts in BC, options assessments for waste diversion and waste facilities, organics collection and processing, odour management, and communication and engagement strategy development. Away from work, Veronica is an active Council member of her strata complex and enjoys having fun in the outdoors – trail running, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing.

  • I love CWMA’s culture of open and respectful dialogue and focus on fostering environmental leadership, which I think is essential for discussing and developing best practices in the waste management sector. 

    1. System-thinker: I strive to consider how different parts of waste management is interrelated and the context of the larger system (regional, provincial or Canada-wide)
    2. Collaborative: I get a buzz from working with people from different backgrounds and finding ways to work towards common goals
    3. Enthusiastic and organized: I am a high-energy individual who will bring enthusiasm and my Swedish organizational skills to CWMA.
Sean Kawakami (standing for election)

Sean Kawakami (standing for election)

Sean is the Business Development Manager for Convertus Group who specialise in the design, construction, finance, and operation of organic waste processing facilities. Convertus operates four facilities in Canada, notably including the Nanaimo Circular Waste BC and Surrey Biofuel sites. Sean started in the industry working for Rehrig Pacific where he had the opportunity to supply containers for residential and commercial collection to municipalities and haulers across British Columbia and Alberta. From there he moved to Waste Connections for a year, before joining Convertus. His experience in supply, collection and processing affords him a unique perspective of the solid waste industry in our province.

  • As an organization, CWMA has helped me to gather perspective from industry members from across the province. The challenges of our geography, population density, and economics vary from region to region, and CWMA has helped me to gain a better understanding of this year after year. In my opinion, the organization brings together professionals that are passionate and knowledgeable about their roles and improving our waste management programs for our communities and professionals alike. 

  • For several years I have been able to attend and participate in events held by the CWMA. At each event I have found productive and insightful conversations and felt that I was free (even in my early years in the industry!) to share my own opinions and perspectives. This forum for sharing knowledge and information among delegates is one that I would be thrilled to support as a part of the Board. 

    1. As the focus on waste diversion increases, my experience supporting organics processing can be useful for members across BC and up and down the coast.
    2. I have had the opportunity to work with municipalities across multiple provinces. This perspective has given me insight into the challenges of municipalities, haulers and residents alike.
    3. I can find a common ground to have a productive conversation with everyone from drivers to Mayors. That adaptability would serve well to support members in all of their endeavors.