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CWMA Annual General Meeting | May 8, 2024 | 11:00 AM Pacific

Held in conjunction with another great speaker event: LEARN MORE | Members, to register for the AGM only please email


  • CWMA By-Laws
  • Executive Director Report / to be presented at the AGM

Board Composition & Terms

9.2 BOARD COMPOSITION  | The Board will consist of: Eight directors with at least one from each of: (i) government; (ii) private sector; (iii) non-profit sector; and (iv) product stewardship agency sector.
9.3 TERMS OF OFFICE | Each director: will be elected to serve a two-year term of office; will serve until their successor is elected at the AGM held towards the end of that period; will continue to serve if no successor is elected; and may be elected to serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

2024 NOTESEach year, four directors return for a second year in office and there are four positions open for nominations. Directors whose two-year term is expiring are eligible to submit their name for consideration for re-election. Three board members are standing for re-election and two others have been nominated to stand for election. 
VOTING: Members of CWMA are organizations. One representative per organization is selected to vote. Advance voting or proxy voting can be done and instructions will be sent to members in advance of the AGM. For 2024, voting will be done via an electronic/online secure process and there will be an opportunity for those who do not vote online to cast their private ballots at the event but in advance of the AGM starting.


Bios & Nominee Question Responses… 

Veronica Bartlett (standing for re-election)

Veronica Bartlett (standing for re-election)

Veronica Bartlett is an environmental and waste management consultant with over 16 years’ experience. With a postgraduate degree in ecotoxicology from Uppsala University, Sweden; Veronica started her career developing “waste management and minimization plans” for municipalities across New Zealand. New professional challenges and the beautiful coast mountains attracted Veronica to North Vancouver where she joined Morrison Hershfield’s growing team in 2012. Over the last ten years, Veronica has worked on many projects: from the development of solid waste management plans to communication and engagement strategy development. Veronica has been involved with the CWMA as an active member with conference planning for many years and served as a Board member since 2022. Away from work, she enjoys having fun in the outdoors –mountain biking, hiking, skiing or just soaking in the forest.

  • I have really enjoyed being part of and supporting CWMA’s culture of open and respectful dialogues around many challenging topics. CWMA’s provides excellent forums discussing and developing best practices in the waste management sector and our work is important for fostering environmental leadership.

Sean Kawakami (standing for re-election)

Sean Kawakami (standing for re-election)

Sean is the Business Development Manager for Convertus Group who specialise in the design, construction, finance, and operation of organic waste processing facilities. Convertus operates four facilities in Canada, notably including the Nanaimo Circular Waste BC and Surrey Biofuel sites. Sean started in the industry working for Rehrig Pacific where he had the opportunity to supply containers for residential and commercial collection to municipalities and haulers across British Columbia and Alberta. From there he moved to Waste Connections before joining Convertus. His experience in supply, collection and processing affords him a unique perspective of the solid waste industry in our province.

  • The people and knowledge base that CWMA brings together are second to none, and I hear that feedback in conversations with people across the province. The mission fosters collaboration and education that our industry continues to turn to and benefit from, and I see that as incredibly valuable work.

Klaryssa Lawrie (standing for election)

Klaryssa Lawrie (standing for election)

Klaryssa Lawrie is an Associate with Dillon Consulting Limited and an Environmental Professional with over ten years of experience in solid waste management planning. Her skillset includes overseeing a variety of waste diversion projects in BC, and throughout Canada, in roles such as project manager, project coordinator, and project onsite supervisor. She has worked with public, private and First Nations entities to further zero waste initiatives through waste composition studies, stakeholder engagement and education, program planning, zero waste plans, and development of waste reduction and diversion strategies. In her spare time, Klaryssa enjoys baking and completing puzzles.

  • The CWMA mission holds significance for me as it nurtures collaboration for environmental stewardship. Emphasizing dialogue and continuous learning, it aligns with my values both in my professional endeavors and personal growth. This commitment to collective action resonates, driving progress towards a more sustainable future.

  • I felt motivated to stand for the Board of Directors of CWMA because I feel it will be a rewarding experience. It offers a unique platform to contribute expertise and shape the strategic direction. This opportunity also can support in fostering professional growth, networking opportunities, and the chance to make a difference.

    1. Project Management and Budget Skills: Managed over 30 large scale waste projects and understand the day-to-day management required to complete projects successfully.
    2. Organizational Skills: Highly organized, offering enabling quality coordination and increased productivity.
    3. Consulting Perspective: Extensive experience in solid waste management grants me a diverse perspective.
Kate Masters (standing for election)

Kate Masters (standing for election)

As the Communications Liaison within the Capital Regional District’s Environmental Resource Management division, Kate coordinates and implements communication initiatives to carry out the region’s Solid Waste Management Plan. Kate has bolstered awareness of solid waste issues in the capital region while developing a keen interest solid waste policy, planning and environmental sustainability. Prior to working for the CRD, Kate worked at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Camosun College and has experience in graphic design, marketing, and event coordination.

  • The relationship building and idea sharing opportunities the CWMA offers the solid waste industry is incredibly valuable. Managing waste is a shared responsibility, but it’s a complicated system and requires collaboration from all stakeholders to achieve waste reduction goals. Learning about the challenges and opportunities in other communities throughout BC helps influence the work the CRD does in capital region. 

Rory Tooke (standing for re-election)

Rory Tooke (standing for re-election)

Rory is the Manager of Sustainability and Asset Management at the City of Victoria. He established and leads the solid waste engineering and planning function of the City with responsibilities for zero waste and circular economy policies and programs, planning and design of municipal solid waste services and corporate sustainability initiatives. Rory is the current Vice Chair of the Capital Region’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee. He was a founding member of the BC Energy Step Code Council that developed BC’s regulatory pathway to achieve net zero energy buildings and was a member of the project team that led the design of Surrey’s Clayton Community Centre – the largest Passive House facility of its kind. Rory holds a Masters and PhD in natural resources management from the University of British Columbia.

  • CWMA’s mission results in vibrant discussions and networking opportunities that fosters excitement and avenues for creative, progressive action towards addressing the world’s most pressing waste challenges. By leveraging the strength of collaboration and innovation among its members, it serves as a catalyst for realistic and impactful solutions.