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Coast Waste Management Association fosters environmental leadership and best practices by providing a forum for discussion, education, and networking.


We endeavour to provide compelling forums for networking, collaboration, and idea sharing.

We build on members’ common interests, help each other, and work together.

We encourage actively listening to new and different opinions and ideas.

We welcome everyone and ensure there are no barriers to participate in our community.

We ensure members have opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills.

We treat one another with respect and courtesy.


2023-2026 Strategic Plan | Click to open:

CWMA knows strategic planning  continual reassessment. We use a methodology that ensures the Board is consistently reviewing and updating our strategic actions related to plans made every 3 to 4 years.

We have a single, forward-focused vision that aligns with our organization and members. By making everyone aware of our goals we build the sense of community and action we feel is a key part of our mandate.

If you have any questions, contact our Executive Director, Sheila Molloy or any Board Member


Coast Waste Management Association is a highly-regarded membership association serving the solid waste industry across British Columbia and beyond.

We are comprised of 200 member organizations with over 1000 individual participants engaged in our community and greater network of over 3400. 

We draw from every area of the industry: private sector, local and provincial government, First Nations, educators, consultants, other associations and councils, and non-profit organizations. Our members are from all across British Columbia, Canada, and the USA and all share in their care and work managing British Columbia’s solid waste and working toward zero waste in the province.

CWMA members are involved in such diverse activities as recycling, composting, deconstruction, extended product stewardship, policy development, analysis, waste disposal, environmental education and consulting, and managing solid waste facilities.

We are proud to be a neutral and welcoming association for all industry sectors. We have helped make thousands of connections which have been the catalyst for collaborations, learning, inspirations, and creating the new best practices in solid waste management and environmental leadership.


CWMA offers a forum to assist our membership in meeting the challenges and opportunities of solid waste management in our region.

We do this by facilitating discussions, opening communication, and offering networking and learning opportunities for members and friends of CWMA.

We provide an annual conference, discussion sessions, workshops, and effective working groups for more topic-specific discussions. 

Member value iis found in our very popular, curated weekly industry news compilation and some of the best networking opportunities in the industry. Learn more about the value CWMA provides.

Read more about our mandate in the CWMA Bylaws.

Our Board of Directors is set on ensuring we continue to be one of the strongest and most rewarding local networks in the industry

Meet our Current Members and learn more about our history.


Originally, CWMA was formed and supported by regional districts on Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities in British Columbia. Learn more about our history.

The ideal was to come together regularly to discuss and inspire solutions for managing solid waste in general and with context to the unique challenges of coastal regions in particular. 

BC coastal regions and Island communities are surrounded by important ecosystems that are under pressure from population growth, tourism, and a lack of infrastructure, space or options. These factors contribute to a more complex solid waste management situations which can benefit from coordinated efforts and information sharing to rethink ways to manage solid waste.

Our membership has evolved and grown and extends across BC, especially with the ease of participation thanks to technology. Our focus on coastal communities will always remain a key part of the connections we make and the forums we provide, but we welcome everyone who would benefit from participating as a member.