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Exhibitor Booths

Exhibitors will be in the FOYER outside the Main Arbutus Ballroom and surrounding the Food and Coffee Stations. There are a variety of Booth set ups:

  • Big Square Booth: is directly inline with the registration entrance. Is also by the exit doors which will be used. Space allows some spread out.
  • Power Corner: Is a smaller space than the rest of the booths but the impactful location makes it up in spades.
  • Middle Of It All: Outside the room, there are two 8′ X 6′ booths which are ideal as they are right in the path of everything. 
  • Super Nook: Remaining booth areas include 8’ spaces with a little more than the 6′ reach. 

Inclusions & Options: 6’ skirted table / smaller tables and tall tables are available if preferred / access to electricity 

Move in: Tuesday 7:30 – 9:30 pm or Wednesday starting at 6:00 am Delegate arrival Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM.

Move out: Friday exhibiting is optional but preferred to the end of the quick break.


Exhibitor Peak Times

The dark orange areas represent some of the expected busier times. The light orange areas less are expected. The Reception and Dinner reception will be peak times. We encourage all exhibitors to go on the tours as a great networking opportunity!