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2020 Conference Agenda

The final agenda is almost complete! Please expect some changes to the program as we progress toward our dates and as we respond to the dynamic nature of this type of event. 

A note on timing: Our virtual event timing has been paced to balance live and on demand sessions, breaks, and networking opportunities. Some sessions will end a little earlier, giving a longer break than indicated.  The pace allows delegates to manage the intake of information without feeling too much online burn-out.

All times are Pacific Time. 

SEPTEMBER  Pre-Conference Events

Look forward to bonus events leading up to the conference dates. We will be opening our Virtual Hall on September 8, 2020 to registered delegates to ensure they have a chance to update their networking profiles, familiarize themselves with the application, and enjoy some relevant Bonus Events…

SEPTEMBER 17           Thursday | 1:00 – 2:00 PM  

Our New Normal with COVID-19: Science, Safety and Looking Ahead

An interview-style discussion and opportunity ask questions on the science, safety and future challenges related to COVID-19. We are honoured to include:

 Dr. Tom Kosatsky, Medical Director of Environmental Health Services at BC Centre for Disease Control and Scientific Director of the federally-funded National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health 

Jose Barranco, Acting-Manager at WorkSafeBC Consultation and Educational Services

Moderator: Andrea Panich, Environment, Health & Safety Technician, Capital Regional District

SEPTEMBER 24           Thursday | 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Provincial Perspectives: The Changes Ahead  

An interview-style discussion and q&a with:

OCTOBER 6    Tuesday Evening

4:30 PM   Breakout Group Reception / Networking BYOCocktail / Surprise Special Guest

Everyone loves surprises! Take a quick hour this evening to mingle.  A fun event to meet new people and network with colleagues. More details on how to make the most of this event to follow for delegates. 

OCTOBER 7    Wednesday

8:15 AM    Welcome & Special Greetings

8:30 AM    Marquee Event & CWMA 25th Anniversary Celebration

9:00 AM    Disposing the Throwaway Culture

Keynote + panel interview-style presentations with open discussion and audience question and answer. Beginning with an engaging keynote presentation by

        • Dr. Jiaying Zhao, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at UBC and the Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Sustainability speaking on How Can Psychology Contribute to a Zero Waste Future?

We then transition to an interview-style plenary to explore various organizations’s efforts to counter the “throwaway culture” before and now in context with COVID-19.  Look forward to valuable insights from an amazing panel including:

10:30 AM    Break / Discussion Rooms / Sponsor Visits

11:00 AM   Rethinking Retail & Packaging

Presentation-style panel with audience question and answer session.

What is the priority for consumer-facing retail and brands when it comes to reducing waste? How can organizations find a balance between creating financial value while still protecting the environment and generating less waste.  Join us for presentations and discussion with valuable insights from:

12:30 PM   Break / Discussion Rooms / Sponsor Visits

1:00 PM    Marquee Keynote: Roland Geyer ~ Plastic: Too much of a good thing? 

Professor at UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

1:30 PM    Plastics: Reuse it or Lose it?

A presentation-style panel with open discussion and audience question and answer.

There are more than just two options but the discussion on how best to manage plastics, from policy to innovations, from re-use to recycle: an imperative discussion as we all navigate plastic waste. Find out how private industry and the federal government are looking ahead, learn about the outcomes of a single-use bag ban and how technology may have a place in our matrix of solutions.

2:40 PM    Break / Discussion Rooms / Sponsor Visits

3:00 PM    Hot Topic Discussion: Recycling End Markets

Panel interview-style presentations with open discussion and audience question and answer

This interview-style plenary will explore the history of the various recycling end markets, the effect of external challenges including China Sword and Coronovirus in addition to some of the lessons learned as organizations navigate this changing landscape. Look forward to insight from:

4:00 PM     On-Demand Events/ Discussion Rooms / Sponsor Visits  / Day Ends

OCTOBER 8    Thursday

8:00 AM    Welcome to day 2 / Discussion Rooms / Sponsor visits

8:15 AM    Marquee Keynote: Adam Minter ~ Recycling is in Need of Repair

Journalist. Author. Junk Man  columnist with Bloomberg Opinion.

Moderator: Allen Langdon, Return-It

9:15 AM    EPR in BC: Past, Present & Future

Panel interview-style presentations with open discussion and audience question and answer.

Join us for an enlightening plenary session on British Columbia’s journey in extended producer responsibility and what the future holds. In a combination of presentation, planned questions, and open conversation, our interviewer, David Lawes, will take a panel through a serious of topics to highlight our successes and challenges over the years. 

10:30 AM     Break / Discussion Rooms / Sponsor Visits

11:00 AM    Mind the Gaps

Keynote + panel presentations with open discussion and audience question and answer. Beginning with an engaging keynote presentation by…

        • Paul Henderson, General Manager, Solid Waste Services, Metro VancouverSolid Waste Innovations at Metro Van: Filling Gaps

We will then move to presentations that are meant to spark and inspire ideas to help us fill some of the current gaps we face in British Columbia. We will explore gaps like (hard-to-reach) rural and multi-unit accessibility, mattress recycling, and plastic film and flexible packaging with:

12:30 PM – Break / Discussion Rooms / Sponsor visits

1:00 PM    Hot Topic Presentation & Discussion: Trash to Renewable Energy: Case Studies in BC

Local Governments around North America are looking at ways to divert and reduce waste going to landfills and treatment facilities, but what about the waste that has already been disposed of? Biogas generated from decomposing organic material represents a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, where it may be put to a better use heating homes or powering vehicle fleets.  This session will focus on the environmental, regulatory, economic and social impacts of RNG and share lessons learned to date from the Comox Valley Regional District as they pursue this opportunity with Fortis. 

1:30 PM    Circular Economy: Commitment in Action

Movement to a circular economy is emerging in BC and while a number of coalitions, councils, and national brands are working at the highest levels advocating for wide-sweeping, strategic changes and alignment, there are also grassroots leaders active in advancing the circular model today. Rethinking current practices, changing entire business models, and being willing to invest time and money to move their commitment to action.

2:45 PM    Epilogue Speakers

Avery Gottfried, Senior Policy Specialist & Bob McDonald,  Director, Extended Producer Responsibility, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

3:15 PM    Final words & farewell!

Sheila Molloy & Brendan McShane